Systematic Investment Plan – First Choice for Small and New Investors

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Every investor thinks of this once in his life time, Is his wealth worth investing here or will he be better off somewhere else?

"SIP Agent In Ahmedabad" provides you the guidelines for starting of your first Investment.

A Systematic Investment Plan or SIP allows us to take advantage of the growth potential of stock mutual funds where a nominal amount is to be invested on regular basis; it would be fine even if we do not have a large sum of money to invest. In fact most mutual funds similar to post office (recurring deposit) requires a minimum of Rs.500-Rs.1000 per month to get started. You can budget for a SIP investment every month if you are say, looking to invest only a small amount on a regular basis this would prevent you from high risk situation of investing large sum where in any way investors don't like investing a large amount on a particular assets/group of assets.

Generally, every individual has experiences of paying for a car or home loan with monthly EMIs (Equated Monthly Investments). Similarly think of the SIP investment along those lines only, you are paying yourself a monthly sum which is of a smaller denomination, and investing in the stock market, to get the benefit of long-term wealth creation.

SIP works on the criteria of 'Rupee cost averaging' as and when the Market price of shares fall, the investor benefits by purchasing more units; and is protected by purchasing less when the Market price rises. Thus the average cost of units is always closer to the lower end.

{NAV: Net Asset Value, or the price of one unit of a fund}.

We, at "SIP Agent In Ahmedabad", Describes NAV As Follows:

NAV = [market value of all the investments in the fund + current assets + deposits - liabilities] divided by the number of units outstanding.

With SIP you get the following advantages:
  1. Investing every month and making your investment a worth through various assets.
  2. Avoiding the mistake of trying to buy at the "right time".
  3. Investing through bullish and bearish phases without any tension as it works on averaging your cost (Market movements)
  4. Invest small amounts, especially for those who can't afford to enter the stock markets, as Rs.500 / Rs.1000 per month.
  5. A Systematic Investment Plan serves as a great financial tool to counter inflation.
  6. SIP lends you the power of compounding, on investing at an early stage.

It is always a wise decision to diversify your risk so we would suggest you to invest with more than one fund manager. At the end SIPs are made for the investors who cannot make big investments at single go but are ready to invest a specific amount from their income on monthly basis. This is also beneficial for those investors who do not have enough time and expertise to understand the market trend.

So for those investors, SIP would be one of the best options. But one needs some patience too if today the market is showing upward trend where the investors will get less units, definitely after some time it will show down trend too. It is just how the averaging of cost is applied at a particular point of time.

Don’t you now think SIPs are fantastic?
Start one today!
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