Benefit Of Systematic Investment Plan

Benefits of SIP
Today, "SIP Agent In Ahmedabad" is trying to figured out some of the major advantages or the benefits of Systematic Investment Plan.

Advantages of Systematic investment Plan(SIP) can be taken by any investor who can spare at least 500 rupees per month. Some funds offer Investment Plans provides investment offers as low as 100 rupees. But for almost all of the funds minimum investment per month is 500 rupees. Most people have misconception that to invest large sums of money is required. But starting with minimum amount of 500 rupees per month can accumulate huge wealth in long term. It is a fact that people have many dreams or goals like better education for children, foreign vacation, dream home or happy retirement. But with limited income most people do not understand how to reach their goals.
SIP advantages are not limited only to low amount of investment. We know that it is almost impossible to time the market highs and lows. Most people lose money investing in shares due to timing the market rather than being a long term investor. Even the best of the investors or traders also sometimes miss market direction. For a new or investor with little time and resources to research market moves, SIP advantage is unparalleled. With Rupee Cost Averaging, one can invest regularly in equities without worrying about timing the markets highs and lows. In long term, Rupee Cost Averaging helps to accumulate wealth which is an advantage of SIP.

Usually investors keep averaging same number of shares/unit whenever there is a decline in the price and never while the price is rising. In the long bull run this may be an opportunity loss as no further investments are made. Rupee cost average through SIP works irrespective of market highs and lows. When the market keeps decreasing, more number of units are accumulated and less number of units are accumulated when market is increasing.

SIP investing allows investors to be balanced in their investment decisions. Disciplined and Balanced investment is another advantage of SIP. Investors with long term goal oriented investments often do not take investment decisions in haste and avoid panic selling or greedy buying. It is noticed many times that investors who associate their investments with goals are more balanced in their decisions.

One can choose different intervals like daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly averaging while investing through SIP which is another Systematic investment Plan Benefit. Investors have the option to choose fixed dates on which their accounts are debited for the fixed amount they wish to invest.

Another SIP benefit is the flexibility in payment options like ECS (Electronic Clearance Scheme), Auto debit and post dated cheques. Out of these options, ECS is most convenient option for most of the investors.

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