Frequently Asked Question

1How much money do I need to start an SIP?
You can start investing in a mutual fund scheme via SIP with a minimum of Rs 500.
2How do I set up a SIP?
Along with the purchase request, you can give a SIP request and a debit mandate to automatically deduct your desired amount from your bank account each month.
3Can I customize my SIP?
Yes, you can. Though the most popular SIP is investing a fixed amount every month, investors can customize the way they put money via SIPs. Many fund houses allow investors to invest monthly, bi-monthly and fortnightly, according to their convenience.
Apart from this, Step-up SIPs allow investors to increase the SIP amount periodically. ‘Alert SIP’ is another form of the regular systematic investment plan which sends an alert to the investor to buy more when the markets are down.
In case of the ‘perpetual SIPs,’ investors don't have to choose the end date of the SIP. Once the goal is met, the investors can stop the SIP by sending a written communication to the fund house.
4Can I start SIP at any time or when the market is high?
SIP can be started at any point of the time and at any state of the market. The idea of SIP is to avoid timings of the market and start investing with a purpose. Due to rupee cost averaging maximum benefits are attained irrespective of the market's condition.
5Are there any upper limits in SIP investments?
No, this is a misconception that SIP investments are only done in the case of small amounts. You can invest as much amount as you want, there is no upper limit to the SIP amount. Due to its compounding ability big investments can lead you to large wealth, so investing big amounts is rather a good option.
6What if I miss an SIP?
Many investors think that if they miss an SIP, then their account will be de-activated, but it does not happen. Even if you miss an SIP due to insufficient amount of balance in your account, then don’t worry you can just pay it next month, and your SIP will continue as normal.
“SIP Agent in Ahmedabad” suggest When you are starting with an SIP, don't think too much about the future. Even if you miss some of the SIP's due to financial crisis, it will be recovered in the next SIP.
7In which mutual fund should I start SIP?
All mutual funds can accept both SIP and lump-sum investments. If you want to invest in both SIP and lump-sum on the same day you can do it. And if you already have a SIP account and wish to invest more amount in that, you can do that. A detailed portfolio of your investments will be available to you. If you wish to have a second SIP in the same fund you can do that too.
8Is SIP a risky investment?
Most of the investors think that investing in SIP is a risky affair as the value of money keeps on fluctuating with time. From “SIP Agent in Ahmedabad” views, As compared to any other mode of investment, SIP is less risky as you will invest periodically, amount of investment is of your choice and the minimum period of investment is only 6 months. You can withdraw the money at any point of time.
9Will I get any intimation on the SIP orders being placed in my account?
You will be intimated on each transaction through SMS & email alerts. Alerts will be on the following actions:
  • On the successful registration of the SIP
  • SMS/email alerts before the execution date (One/two day before)
  • Alerts on the cancelation of the SIP orders.
10How do I make payment for my investments?
You can make payments through cheque or netbanking. You can also set up a debit mandate for electronic clearing every month in case of a SIP.